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Full Service Video Production

From adverts and promos to short and feature films, Drawing board has Artists and modern video production infrastructure to create your project.

Film Set


High end video capture pipelines designed to maintain, resolution, bitrates and colour information for live action shoots, stills photography, stop motion animation and VFX element photography including survey information. We capture as much information as possible both in and out of the camera.

Video Camera


Creative video editing using the latest tools, whether for commercial, documentary, short film, animation, feature film productions.


Character Animation

Whether in stop motion, CG or traditional, we produce the highest quality of character animation, leaning on founder Chris "Toots" Tootell's 20+ years of feature animation experience.

Me animating #coraline - The toughest part here was not to disturb all of the blossoms on

Graphics Animation

Using both practical photographic techniques and modern CG animation, we create visually unique graphics animation for any project.

Image by Zhifei Zhou

Logos, Titles and Idents

Using scalable vector graphics, high resolution images, animation and live action photography, we use mixed media to create interesting and graphically striking text and logos for your company, project, social presence.


Sound Design and Production

Quality sound design, capture, assembly and output using the most up to date hardware and software tools.

Image by Amin Asbaghipour

Post Production and Delivery

High quality post tools are used to output and deliver the highest quality for both archival and delivery to a variety of formats from web and social media to ultra high bitrate cinema grade for distribution.

Editing & Post Production
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